Choose Life

Sadly, dozens of babies are left in hot cars each summer. The outcome is often death.

While in some cases it is due to negligence, in most cases it is not. Rather we are all prone to falling into the trap of routine. Once our mind has started a familiar routine, it is very unlikely for it to reset and notice anything else. For parents of young babies, this happens when we are on our way to drop off the baby, get distracted, forget the baby for a moment, and then launch into a common routine like driving to work or driving home. Once you’re in that routine track, the chances of slipping out of it are low. The consequences however can be deadly.

We have created an extremely simple and user friendly system to help make sure this never happens to you. It is based on long-established psychology principles. In works — but only if you use it consistently.

It starts with a simple silicone bracelet that says “My Baby Is In The Car”.

To Use

  1. Leave the bracelet in the car in the spot where you place your baby. If you use a Doona or Click and Go, place the bracelet securely on the base that stays in the car.
  2. Every time you put the baby or carseat in the car, put the bracelet on your wrist.
  3. Every time you take the baby or carseat out, put the bracelet back in place.  

How It Works

If you ALWAYS do this, then the bracelet will always be on your wrist whenever the baby is in the car.  If you forget the baby, the bracelet will remind you that the baby is in the car.

ALWAYS put the bracelet back in its spot in the car when you remove the baby from the car. If you notice that you are wearing it once the baby is out of the car, replace it in its correct place in the car as soon as possible. OTHERWISE THIS SYSTEM WILL NOT WORK!

Choose Life

You already know from experience that you cannot control your memory perfectly. However, you CAN control your actions. With one simple action you CAN choose to protect yourself and your child from tragedy. Do it every time and you will quickly acquire a life-saving habit. It’s a ten-second investment of time that no one who drives with a baby in the car can afford to ignore. Forgetfulness is not always in our hands, but our actions always are.

Act now. Choose life.